Each semester, the Department of Kinesiology and Health Sciences at Utah State University offers a one-credit course providing an introduction to aikido. This course is usually scheduled for Fridays, early afternoon, in the USU HPER Building. No previous martial arts or sports experience is required. Many students enroll just to explore a new martial art; others simply need a one-credit course to fill out their schedule or financial aid eligibility. See your academic advisor.

The class provides a basic overview of the art of aikido, including philosophy, self-defense techniques, breathing/meditation, and falling safely. Thus, students will have a chance to explore many aspects of aikido. An additional benefit is the chance to participate for free at a weekend seminar offered by the USU student aikido club and taught each semester by a national instructor from the Aikido Association of America.

USU students with Tatsuo Toyoda Sensei (center). Toyoda Sensei is Rokudan (6th degree black belt), president and chief instructor of the Aikido Association of America. Spring Semester 2024 Aikido Seminar.

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